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Re: [school-discuss] 3D printing software

On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 12:52:20PM -0500, LM wrote:
> One other thing I noticed while I was updating the Schoolforge site
> for some of these programs.

Here's Dmitry's reply (I've bounced your query to him and you'll
hopefully receive his message in its original form either):

Actually, now we use:

- Repetierhost as a primary printing host software;
- OctoPrint also looks promising as a web based printing host (not
  actually use, but going to);
- Slic3r as a primary slicer (Skeinforge is too complicated for
- Skeinforge as a precise slicer;
- Free-CAD for visual approach to technical modeling;
- OpenSCAD (Masterpiece!) for scripted modeling (integration with
- Blender for non-technical modeling (mostly);
- Makehuman for humanoid models design;
- Meshlab for models debugging;
- GLC_Player as a 3d files viewer.


The last two are not in Sisyphus yet, btw.

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