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Re: [school-discuss] Some changes--part 2, the Linux in Educationreports

On Sat, 2004-01-17 at 12:14, Tim Mansfield wrote:
> Hi Doug,
> Who should be the intended audience of a reborn version of this
> I didn't see an obvious structure or set of criteria when I skimmed
the most
> recent issues.  That's not a criticism, I just am coming in from
> not having participated in your community since the beginning, and am
> curious as to the context of your previous effort and your desires for
> future.
> --tim

Well, it's a valid question.  The initial reports were sent to various
Linux websites like LinuxToday, Linux Weekly News, NewsForge, etc.  The
intent was to let the wider Linux community know about what was going on
with Open Resources of all kinds in education.

It would have been nice to have the reports also posted on websites more
aimed at the educational community than the Linux community, but I come
from the techie side rather than from the teachie side and didn't have
any contacts there.

I don't have specific desires for a reborn report, just an interest in
getting information to the people most in need of it and most able to
put it to use.  I hope we can get a discussion going on this and excite
someone or ones to take on the effort of "shouting from the rooftop."

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