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[school-discuss] Some changes--part 3, the case studies

We started a listing of case studies on the use of Linux in educational
institutions a while ago, and now have quite a number of them.  This
list has been quite successful as far as it went.  However, we had
initially hoped that we could use the information we gathered here to
develop regular communications with and assistance to the schools that
had entered case studies.  This hasn't been done mainly due to Karl's
and my lack of time and direction as to what to say to the schools if we
*did* talk to them.

I'd like you all to look at our case studies (or at least a selection of
them) and think about how this listing could be used to help these
schools out.  Also think about other ways we can use this list.

There are other lists of case studies around; I'm thinking of the
K12Linux list in particular.  Are these lists similar enough that they
could (and should they?) be merged?  Also, I'd like to transfer these
lists to Schoolforge, as they aren't specifically SEUL/edu oriented but
fit much better under Schoolforge.

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