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[school-discuss] Re: the Linux in Education reports

From Doug Loss, Jan 17 at 12:02:
 >I also think that these reports should probably be changed to be not
 >just Linux in Education reports, but Open Resources in Education
 >reports.  The probably should be moved from SEUL/edu to Schoolforge
 >itself (if they get restarted), since they aren't specifically about
 >SEUL/edu but about the wider Schoolforge community.

Thank you for all your work Doug. A few years ago, when i discoverd seul/edu,
your initiative was the first effort, to my knowledge, aimed at stressing 
the relevance of 'open source' to the educational world.         

I think we should strive to establish solid relationhip with educational 
school networks to provide 'Open Resources in Education' reports a broader 
audience and more effective impact. 
(E.g. Open Knowledge Network <www.openknowledge.net>. This is just the 
first one that comes to mind; more suggestions are welcome, of course)

To that aim, i would like those organizations that are currently part of 
the schoolforge board agreed to set up a meeting in europe and to invite 
you and your 'editorial staff' to discuss about the future of the 
open source in education.

I hope my proposal is within the scope of the Schoolforge. Anyway, your
opinion about that would be appreciated.
Considerations, possibly support, from other organizations will be very 
welcome, too. 

thank you