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Re: [school-discuss] Open Source in Government and Schools

Tom Adelstein wrote:

The academic promotion with Sun for StarOffice 7 allows schools to get the entire suite for free and offer it to all students, faculty and administration as well as parents, relatives, etc.

If you use OpenOffice you may want to switch to SO7 as it provides higher quality desktop rendering and many addons.

We signed up for this a year or two ago. It was a bit of a pain at the time but that has changed now. If you were put off by the paperwork previously you can certainly go for it now.

StarOffice and OpenOffice have a bit of a leapfrog relationship. OpenOffice is where new development takes place which SO later picks up. SO 7 was just introduced so the basic features are competitive and SO has some addons OO doesn't. It's like the old Mozilla/Netscape relationship (except this one works) and similar to the one with Eclipse and IBM's development tools.
Rob R.