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[school-discuss] Open Source in Government and Schools

[Jan. 15, 2004]

Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up on some wins. First, you'll notice an article below about Newport News Virgina and secondly, I wanted to let you know that the University of Southern Mississippi has entered into a promotional use agreement with Sun for the broad use of OpenOffice 7.
The Newport News story discusses the cities efforts to build an Open Source alliance with governments in the US and elsewhere.


The academic promotion with Sun for StarOffice 7 allows schools to get the entire suite for free and offer it to all students, faculty and administration as well as parents, relatives, etc.

If you use OpenOffice you may want to switch to SO7 as it provides higher quality desktop rendering and many addons.

We'll also have some announcements coming out at LinuxWorld about many more wins in the open source arena at schools, in government and especially in big US government.