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Re: [school-discuss] A nice article dealing with Internet securitywith Linux for schools in the Pikes peak area.

Burkhard Woelfel wrote:
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On Tuesday 13 January 2004 04:14, steelhead-mobile wrote:

A nice article dealing with Internet security with Linux for schools in the
Pikes peak area.

- From the article:

"For example, if a marital (sic!) arts site that sells knives and uniforms is blocked because it sells knives"

Now how does selling knives and uniforms relate to being married? That's a funny typo... ;-)

I'm not sure about the marriage uniform (I'm pretty sure the requirements for married people to wear uniforms aren't enforced around here :-) ), but I don't think I'd like my wife to have too ready access to a website about marriage that sells knives! She can find that kind of cutlery all too easily already...

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