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Re: [school-discuss] A nice article dealing with Internet security with Linux for schools in the Pikes peak area.

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On Tuesday 13 January 2004 04:14, steelhead-mobile wrote:
> A nice article dealing with Internet security with Linux for schools in the
> Pikes peak area.

- From the article:

"For example, if a marital (sic!) arts site that sells knives and uniforms is 
blocked because it sells knives"

Now how does selling knives and uniforms relate to being married? That's a 
funny typo... ;-)

SCNR - Regards, 
- - Burkhard

> http://www.internetwk.com/breakingNews/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=17300160
> School District Gives Linux Security Technology High Grades
> By Robert Cox, TechLearning
> As any corporate IT administrator knows, network security is no longer a
> luxury, but a necessity. If your network is not secure, not only do you
> risk losing valuable corporate information, but you also run the risk of
> being liable if your network is used to disrupt other sites, as with
> Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. With this in mind,
> corporations are spending more and more on network security, even while
> other corporate spending is being curtailed.
> The educational sector faces the same security challenges as
> corporations,but schools often lack the financial resources to deploy
> robust network security solutions. Even for those schools that do have the
> financial resources, most lack the technical know-how to implement and
> manage effective security offerings. A school district typically does not
> have a dedicated IT staff, and security deployed incorrectly can create as
> many problems as it solves.
> The difficulties facing school districts were made painfully clear to me as
> a technology consultant when I began working with the Pikes Peak Board of
> Cooperative Educational Services (Pikes Peak BOCES). A not-for-profit
> cooperative, Pikes Peak BOCES enables about 22 school districts to pool
> monies and share a variety of resources, such as special education teachers
> and systems administrators. Since telecommunications charges for Internet
> access are astronomical for schools on the high plains and some types of
> communications lines might not be available, Pikes Peak BOCES acts as a
> service provider enabling seven rural school districts to connect their
> local area networks to the Internet via a third-party high-speed network.
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