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[school-discuss] Re: [Ossi] Re: [Gov-list] Open Source in Government and Schools

It is really not difficult to recompile OO.org to get most of the 
benefits of StarOffice (not to disregard SO7, which is a good package in 
itself). For example, we have our own linux distribution for large 
companies, and we hacked a OO build ourselves easily. (For a live 
example, you can go to http://desktop.conecta.it/screenshots.html and at 
the bottom there are some flash movies of it). There are some good fonts 
for substituting Arial&co, and using CUPS as a print backend gives very 
good quality, on a par with StarOffice. cheers
						Carlo Daffara

On Fri, 16 Jan 2004, Justin Clift wrote:

> Hi Tom,
> Tom Adelstein wrote:
> <snip>
> > If you use OpenOffice you may want to switch to SO7 as it provides
> > higher quality desktop rendering and many addons.
>  From memory, some of the Linux platforms have tweaked their
> release(s) of OpenOffice and their X-Server to include very high
> quality rendering as well.
> As a point of interest however, Sun's Java Desktop System (based
> heavily on SuSE Linux at present) with StarOffice 7 is quite well
> put together, quite pleasant to use, and has the "higher quality
> desktop rendering" that you mention.  Actually just about to
> convert this PC that I'm on over to it as well...
> :-)
> Regards and best wishes,
> Justin Clift
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