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[school-discuss] Some changes--part 1, the ISO project

Hello folks.  I've been keeping a low profile for the past six months or
so, trying to keep from "burning out."  During that time, I've thought a
bit about our endeavors and I have some suggestions to make.  I'd like
to get some input on them and to see if we can implement them in a way
that will make sense for our community.  This will be a long essay, so
I'll break it up into multiple messages.

First, let me talk about SEUL/edu.  SEUL/edu was started a few years ago
to provide a focus, a meeting place for people interested in using
free/open source applications in education.  It worked admirably at that
for some time.  When it became apparent that there were a number of
other groups working toward similar goals representatives of all those
groups agreed to create Schoolforge, a coalition of these groups where
communication between them could take place.  The "meeting place"
function of SEUL/edu was formally ceded to Schoolforge, and SEUL/edu was
to become yet another organization working on specific projects.  Those
projects were the Linux in Education reports, the educational case
studies, the Application Index, and the ISO project.

It has become apparent to me that the ISO project will never be
completed.  First, I don't have the time, energy or (probably) necessary
skills to do it myself.  I've had offers of help for some parts of it,
but it's too big a project for just a few people.  Besides, OFSET has
been successful in creating something similar with their FreeDUC CD.  To
be honest, the ISO project was always something of a justification for
SEUL/edu's existence rather than an idea whose time had come.  I think
we should formally end the project, unless someone has both strong
objections and a commitment to take over the stewardship of the project.

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