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[school-discuss] Re: [Ossi] Re: [Gov-list] Open Source in Government and Schools

jclift@digitaldistribution.com wrote:

Hi Tom,

Tom Adelstein wrote:

If you use OpenOffice you may want to switch to SO7 as it provides higher quality desktop rendering and many addons.

From memory, some of the Linux platforms have tweaked their release(s) of OpenOffice and their X-Server to include very high quality rendering as well.

As a point of interest however, Sun's Java Desktop System (based heavily on SuSE Linux at present) with StarOffice 7 is quite well put together, quite pleasant to use, and has the "higher quality desktop rendering" that you mention. Actually just about to convert this PC that I'm on over to it as well...

I just got through testing all the releases on which I could get my hands. Some enhanced rendering exists on SuSE and Fedora, I agree. I had to do some serious tweaking to get them to a satisfactory level and they still don't come anywhere close to Sun's Java Desktop System. I am particularly bothered by the iniiation phase of X windows in every distribution except JDS.

Sun's build environment came from SuSE alright, but it's not SuSE. It contains many enhancements from various properties owned by Sun. In fact, it's the most pleasant user exerience I've tested. I switched over in December and have discussed the desktop with numerous people who agree with my assessment.

As a final test, I compared the JDS to my wife's G4 OS X Mac by buying a comparable ATI video card and digitial flat panel monitor. JDS ran faster and renders comparably. Frankly, I had to run some tests multiple times thinking I make a mistake. Remarkable!