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Re: [school-discuss] Some changes--part 5, SEUL/edu itself

See note below

drloss@suscom.net wrote:
On Sun, 2004-01-18 at 02:13, Les Richardson wrote:

Well, I'll help out, but I don't really want to transfer stuff to another
server, etc.  It's easily virtualized, if needs be. 

I wasn't thinking about moving it to another server, just
re-virtualizing your seul.org websites as schoolforge.net ones.

I won't have time for a full scale "code assault" on the Freshmeat problem
until this summer. I've got to finish the XML coding and the online
gradebook for Open Admin first (along with some improved documentation ).
That should conclude major developmental goals in the short term.  
(Target: late spring) It's currently being used in 3 divisions in Sask.
with more planning to implement in the next school year. Thus, this is my
first priority.

I should then have time to work on the Freshmeat problem.

That's fine, Les.  I think we all agree that your work on Open Admin
should come first.  I certainly do.  I'll try to add more entries to the
current AppIndex in the meantime, to maintain its utility.  Everyone
else, please join me in doing so!  And I'll look into the
re-categorization I've talked about on and off for a very long time,

I will however help with anything required for the resumption of the
newsletter, including new code (ie. RSS/XML/RDF, etc.) if you'd like to
look at authoring in some other manner. 

Thanks, Les.  But the reports resumption will depend on someone or ones
else agreeing to do the writing.  Still an open question.
If you're going to New York for LinuxWorld please look for John Weathersby or me, Tom Adelstein.

I believe we can provide a total solution.  We're in the process of launching a Open Source Competency Center at a major University in Mississippi. They have a particular interest in K12 endeavors and can put resources on every aspect of the effort.