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[school-discuss] Some changes--part 2, the Linux in Education reports

As most of you know, I wrote fortnightly Linux in Education reports for
SEUL/edu for a couple of years, from the beginning of 2000 to May 19,
2003.  I found toward the end of that run that I was just going through
the motions, assembling the reports as quickly as I could.  In essence I
was approaching the reports as a chore rather than an interest.

I decided that I should stop writing them if I was having such
difficulty making myself do it every two weeks.  I tried to set up a
group of writers to continue writing the reports, but nothing ever came
of that.  This is one of the efforts of SEUL/edu that I'd like to see
restarted, but which I don't feel I should do anymore.  If there is
anyone or any group of people out there who would like to do this, I'll
be happy to provide my writing guidelines and some advice, as will Karl
Pena who wrote some or the reports when I was unavailable.  You can see
the reports here: http://seul.org/edu/reports.html

I also think that these reports should probably be changed to be not
just Linux in Education reports, but Open Resources in Education
reports.  The probably should be moved from SEUL/edu to Schoolforge
itself (if they get restarted), since they aren't specifically about
SEUL/edu but about the wider Schoolforge community.

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