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[school-discuss] Schoolforge Journal Pre-Announcement

Dear Schoolforge Discuss Members,

The following is by way of Doug Loss's proposal for Schoolforge. I know I am not
alone in thinking he, Roger, Felipe and Les and the rest of the team have done
an incredible job with SEUL/EDU and I am looking forward to working with them on
Schoolforge. Doug's messages brought the following from the back to the front of
my mind. I hope you will all join us in this project to make Schoolforge come
alive. Here goes.

Open Source Schools began as a zine for Open Source in education and then
morphed into a zine for publishing news for Schoolforge members. I have two
issues to discuss with you, the Schoolforge Webzine and the Schoolforge

First, the Webzine: I try to post good stuff posted to this list, but would like
to request that members also take the initiative to post to
(http://opensourceschools.org also works.) If everyone participated, it would go
a long way toward fulfilling the need for a replacement for Doug's "Linux in
Education" report, IMHO.

Secondly, I would like to revive the journal for 2004, this time in a
slightly different form. 

I will write up a more detailed how-to for those wishing to post, but here are
the initial ideas: There will be two kinds of articles, 1.) unsolicited
articles on the writers' chosen topics (welcome any time) and 2.) articles
written in response following (proposed) list. I'd be interested in your
comments and suggestions:

The Schoolforge Journal 2004

Three Sections:

I.   *Favorite Apps*
II.  *Beyond Software*

March: Making the transition to FLOSS: File Sharing, Firewalls and Back Office

April: Making the transition to FLOSS: The Web

May: Making the transition to FLOSS: The Desktop

September: Going all the way: Making the transition to FLOSS: File Sharing,

October: Going all the Way: The Web

November: Going all the Way: The Desktop

I wanted to put in a section on Open Source Texts, but, realistically, I think
that may have to wait until this time 2005.

Comments and Suggestions?

I will write specific people whom I know to be writers as well as tinkerers, but
I invite you to speak up if you're interested. If you have experience with
free-open source, then you have something worth saying.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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