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[school-discuss] ANNOUNCE: iKnow 0.4.1

I am pleased to announce the release of iKnow 0.4.1.

  What is iKnow?

iKnow is a personal knowledge processor, a tool for bringing order to
collections of information and for revealing relationships between
pieces of information. It is designed to help you know what you know,
and to see deeper into what you have.

Essentially, iKnow is a text editor wrapped in a collection of
organizational and navigational tools. Together, they make a
collection of information worth more than the sum of its parts.
The value-added bonus comes from the insights you contribute, the
organization you impose, and the associations you define.

iKnow is a Chalk Dust application, part of the Open Slate
project. Please visit http://openslate.sourceforge.net/ for
information about Open Slate and Chalk Dust.

  What does iKnow look like?

iKnow uses standard widgets that are a part of the Tk windowing
toolkit. Here are some screen shots:

Main window

Keyword Manager dialog

ImageMagick in action

  What do I need to run iKnow?

iKnow is written in Tcl/Tk, and requires version 8.4. It uses
ImageMagick for graphics support and Ispell for spelling correction;
both of those applications must be installed separately.

iKnow has been developed specifically for Linux and FreeBSD. It uses a
GUI, so X must be up and running. Volunteers for porting to Windows
and Mac are welcome!

  Where can I get iKnow?

The current version of iKnow is available at the Open Slate project
page on SourceForge: 


To download the latest version, point a web browser at the above URL
and scroll down to the "Latest File Releases" section.

  What is in the current release?

The current release is 0.4.1. This is a full release. Featured
improvements are an auto-save feature and spell-checking. The spelling
checker is derived from TkIspell, by Paul Raines.

  How is iKnow licensed?

iKnow is free software, released under the GPL.


If you use this program I would enjoy hearing from you. Please write
c/o knowtree@aloha.com and let me know what you like and don't like
about iKnow, suggestions for improvements, and a little bit about
yourself, where you live and what you do.


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