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[school-discuss] Release 0.9.12 of DrGeo


New release 0.9.12 of DrGeo to fetch as usual from


New in 0.9.12, the 26 of January 2004  

   * Fix a bug related to some internal stuff which makes DrGeo to crash
(for the curious, it is about hidden macro-construction nodes which
after the deletion of some objects become crap ware and need to be clean
up, I hope the clean up is now more efficient)

    * 2 new examples from student Hung Chao-Kue, wheel.fgeo is about
block, and light6.fgeo is about microscope.

    * Fix a bug related to angle in the PostScript exporter.

    * Pre-version of a flydraw exporter written by Odile Benassy.
Flydraw is a format used by Wims for interactive image.

    * Updated translations in Albanian, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, French,
Italian, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish.