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[school-discuss] Belgian Students Start Indian School Project

I just saw this on LinuxToday:

"In Belgium, a few students, including myself, from the Mutlimedia- and Communication-Technologies department (MCT) at the PIH High School <http://www.pih.be> are planning for an open source project to help the less fortunate.

"We are collecting PC's from companies and private users. In February, we'll ship them to India and there we'll install the software and teach users there how to use the donated PCs.

"For logical reasons (price, quality, licensing, hardware requirements, and security), we'll be using Linux.

"Of course, a project like this needs a lot of support, and we hope to receive some support from the open source comunity. We still need a lot of materials and financial support, therefore we have opened a PayPal account."

Here's their website (in Dutch):