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Re: [school-discuss] Belgian Students Start Indian School Project

Dear all,

good to know that Belgian students have started a school project, I appreciate.
Another current initiative in the same direction is the Indian eJournal in http://ejournal.eduprojects.net/india . The National Centre for Professional Development in Education in Finland organizes Learn Internet Projects by Doing (LIP) courses since 2002 where teachers from many countries learn to make collaborative projects with their pupils or students. We have tried to get teachers from developing countries to participate in LIP projects, India one among them.
The tsunami disaster, with such a lot of human suffering, once again emphasized how important it is to have educational cooperation and collaboration on the Internet globally, not only in the framework of some big economic and political "fortresses" such as the USA, the EU or Japan.
There are lots of international LIP projects running currently, and we can start new ones if there are teachers who would like to give this opportunity to their pupils or students. The current projects under the title LIP 4 Enterprise have a common topic, which is "Active Citizenship and Entrepreneurship". There are pupils and students from the age of 12 up to 19 years taking part in this collaboration. There will be a new course of LIP teacher training in August 2005, called LIP 5 Primary where primary school teachers (pupils from 7-12 yrs) will start making transnational partner projects.
Educational cooperation and collaboration by means of eJournalism is sponsored by the National Centre for Professional Development in Education in Finland, and it is, of course, free for all participants. Projects only take place on WWW, and there is no travelling included.
This was not the first time I asked Frederick Noronha from Goa, India, to tell Indian teachers about the opportunity of collaboration. He has disseminated my information several times before, and did it once again. Ihanks to Frederick :-).
Of course, this kind of grass-root collaboration between people so far away from each other is not as easy as contacts inside the USA or inside Europe, for example. However, if you are interested in starting collaboration North & South, the Indian eJournal in http://ejournal.eduprojects.net/india is there for you. You can have access to it just sending a request to me pohalone@xxxxxx . There is more information about this project initiative in the Indian eJournal.
Let's try to make things happen :-). I can't see any other way how to face the challenges of today, in the long run. Can you?

Best regards,

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I just saw this on LinuxToday:

"In Belgium, a few students, including myself, from the Mutlimedia- and Communication-Technologies department (MCT) at the PIH High School <http://www.pih.be> are planning for an open source project to help the less fortunate.

"We are collecting PC's from companies and private users. In February, we'll ship them to India and there we'll install the software and teach users there how to use the donated PCs.

"For logical reasons (price, quality, licensing, hardware requirements, and security), we'll be using Linux.

"Of course, a project like this needs a lot of support, and we hope to receive some support from the open source comunity. We still need a lot of materials and financial support, therefore we have opened a PayPal account."

Here's their website (in Dutch):