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Re: [school-discuss] We did it!

Le vendredi 20 janvier 2006 à 07:50 -0500, Daniel Howard a écrit :
> David M. Bucknell wrote:
> > Congratulations, Daniel.  That's a big deal as I know because our 
> > teachers still
> > complain about being all-linux -- especially the elementary/primary 
> > level.  Any
> > application wishes you had to please?
> None yet that couldn't be satisfied by web apps or the K12LTSP 
> edutainment apps.  But one teacher just today asked me for some phonics 
> applications to use, I'm about to start searching for some OSS phonics 
> apps.
> What is more interesting to me is that teachers are now asking about 
> doing more with the PCs than just office apps and Googling info for 
> reports.  Daniel

That's good news. All our efforts start to be recognized.

As an educational software developer, It is very important for me to
know what software you use, I mean, especialy the one used by the
teachers and students.

Is there a place where you document the software you use?

Bruno Coudoin
http://gcompris.net free educational software for kids
http://ofset.org    free educational software for all