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Re: [school-discuss] We did it!

So far we use the standard K12LTSP application set (of which, gcompris is included)

We will document our project more now that we have official approval to proceed. We had kept a low profile while
awaiting our system's approval in how we could implement the project.

More:  http://www.morrisbrandon.com

see Brandon Technology under the the School Information links on the left-hand menu and also our Links page has links, of course, to the K12LTSP project and other sites of interest. Obviously, there are more sites to be linked now that we are official.

The only issue we've encountered so far is running the occasional Shockwave animation that some educational sites still use - there is no Linux plugin. Otherwise, our kids are more active than ever -


On Jan 20, 2006, at 6:01 PM, Bruno Coudoin wrote:

Le vendredi 20 janvier 2006 à 07:50 -0500, Daniel Howard a écrit :
David M. Bucknell wrote:
Congratulations, Daniel.  That's a big deal as I know because our
teachers still
complain about being all-linux -- especially the elementary/primary
level.  Any
application wishes you had to please?

None yet that couldn't be satisfied by web apps or the K12LTSP
edutainment apps. But one teacher just today asked me for some phonics
applications to use, I'm about to start searching for some OSS phonics

What is more interesting to me is that teachers are now asking about
doing more with the PCs than just office apps and Googling info for
reports.  Daniel

That's good news. All our efforts start to be recognized.

As an educational software developer, It is very important for me to
know what software you use, I mean, especialy the one used by the
teachers and students.

Is there a place where you document the software you use?

Bruno Coudoin
http://gcompris.net free educational software for kids
http://ofset.org    free educational software for all