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Re: [school-discuss] Discussion About Linux on Linkedin

On Sun, 26 Jan 2014, D V wrote:

> I am amazed at how hi-tech children are nowadays. It would be 
> interesting to see how many children out there use Linux at home, and 
> of those children, if that is because the family uses it.

My kids all use Ubuntu or NetBSD.  My oldest teenage sons have Ubuntu on 
their laptops they take to school for a few years. They installed it and 
they install the software they use via the packages.  One son knows some 
Unix command line and can write simple sh scripts; the other son doesn't 
know Unix at all but the Ubuntu desktop is good for him.  The other kids 
don't maintain the computers at all so basically just use OpenOffice or 
Firefox only on Linux or NetBSD.  I think on school computers they use 

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