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Re: [school-discuss] FOSS Digital Literracy Camapaign in Cameroon,Africa

Bonjour Dirk
Please can you provide me some readings about : Paolo Freire's teaching methods.. is true you are not the first person talking to me about him, but i still wonder how i can put his methods in practice am not an academician and in fact the reason why i target School Dropout and young adult is simply because i am part of that same group but i feel like the one who should take the lead because am standing in a position to do something that i would have loved someone else did for me some few years ago when i where idle and had no jobs is true am still in a delicate situation with my boss going to close the cyber but am not affraid.
Merci d'avance

On 1/30/14, Dirk Schouten <d.schouten@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Bonjour Marc,
>> ... follow curriculum that is proven and tested.
> Hm... Probably you can use that curriculum if your
> circumstances, equipments and 'those who want to
> learn' are the same as described in the curriculum.
> Yes, I avoid 'pupils', 'students', 'adults', 'Drop
> outs' etc. because:
> > I wish to launch a Digital Literacy campaign
> Great! But do the job well. I humbly urge you on
> behalf of the 'those who want to learn' to read Paolo
> Freire's teaching methods. He did alphabetical
> literacy in South-America. He is the teacher you need
> to teach in a way that will be beneficial to needs of
> the teached and yours as well.
> Salutations cordiales,
> Dirk
> On 1/30/14 11:25 AM, Marc Stephan Nkouly wrote:
>> Good Morning to everyone
>> Am a young man managing a cyber cafe in Bamenda, Cameroon In AFRICA.
>> I discovered a Linux some few years back with the help of a friend of
>> mine living in the UK.
>> I wish to launch a Digital Literacy campaign with FOSS to show to
>> people in my community that Computers is not as difficult to use as
>> they may think .
>> Is true after this i will like to do launch another program to target
>> School Drop out and unemployed adults to train them on basics Linux
>> and other technical parts so that they can consider a career in
>> Computing with Foss and hence go out of the cycle of Poverty.
>> I don't consider my self as much knowledgeable about this subject but
>> i will like to collaborate with people interested and follow
>> curriculum that is proven and tested.
>> For the first phase i intent to start as soon as possible and am going
>> to make a radio announcement
>> The propose curriculum is and we are going to target people who have
>> never touch a computer we are going to introduce them to using
>> computers DEBIAN or peppermint OS (For the moment we already have 8
>> computers running Peppermint, unfortunately i was not able to find
>> documentation on the web base that teach " Using Computer & Managing
>> files base on LXDE")
>> If they are people interested let me know because as i said this is
>> just the first stage after am going to launch another one a bit
>> technical base with LINUX ESSENTIAL .
>> Am looking forward while waiting for the response of people interested.
>> Marc
>> Here's a link on my Campaign.
>> http://igg.me/at/cameroon-cyber/x/5853802
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