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Re: [school-discuss] need help with custom Linux installation CD or DVD

On 12/01/2018 16:25, LM wrote:
> [...]
> How can I create an installation disk or back up the added
> applications so I can easily install Linux (included the added
> applications) on multiple computers that are not connected to the
> Internet?

I think you should give a look to "apt-mirror".


With it, during "phase 1" (aka: when you are preparing "stuff" and are
on-line), you can easily get a _FULL_ mirror of debian repository. Even if
they are several GigaBytes... it will be _VERY_ easy to store all of them
somewhere (on a local disk; on an external drive; on a usb-key or whatever).

Then, in "phase 2", when you'll be "off-line", you can easily connect such
"folder" somewhere (on a linux box; maybe the very first installed from
scratch) and share it via HTTP so to.... have a _FULL_ debian repository
available for the _WHOLE_ laboratory (as soon as you'll properly add it to
the source.list of the PCs)!

So you DON'T even have to care about choosing "ex-ante" what packages you
need... but you can (comfortably) choose what you need... _ALWAYS_ :-)

...and should you ever get an internet connection, you can simply "update"
the mirror (again, with apt-mirror) once and... you'll have all the
updates for the _WHOLE_ laboratory!

Hope this help :-)


Damiano Verzulli
e-mail: damiano@xxxxxxxxxxx
"Technical people tend to fall into two categories: Specialists
and Generalists. The Specialist learns more and more about a
narrower and narrower field, until he eventually, in the limit,
knows everything about nothing. The Generalist learns less and
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nothing about everything." - William Stucke - AfrISPA

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