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Re: [school-discuss] need help with custom Linux installation CD or DVD

On Sat, Jan 13, 2018 at 2:04 PM, Damiano Verzulli <damiano@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I think you should give a look to "apt-mirror".
>     https://apt-mirror.github.io/
> With it, during "phase 1" (aka: when you are preparing "stuff" and are
> on-line), you can easily get a _FULL_ mirror of debian repository. Even if
> they are several GigaBytes... it will be _VERY_ easy to store all of them
> somewhere (on a local disk; on an external drive; on a usb-key or whatever).

I was considering doing something like this if I could not find a
remastering solution.  I could just use a minimal Debian install disk
like netinst to set up the initial system and then get everything
extra for a local apt repository.  Haven't tried apt-mirror.  Would be
curious to hear from those who have used it what you think of it.
Thanks for the suggestion.  I use a sneaker-net technique to update
Debian based Linux systems that are not connected to the Internet:

I actually like updating Debian this way better than doing an update
or upgrade while connected to the Internet.  I feel like I have more
control over the packages that get installed (especially the
dependencies).  If the package manager needs a dependency I don't want
in order to get a program I want to run, it just doesn't install the
program.  Otherwise, if you're not careful and you just let the
package manager pull whatever it wants from the Internet, you may end
up with packages you didn't want installed.

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