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[school-discuss] Re: need help with custom Linux installation CD or DVD

I tried out antix in VirtualBox as an alternative to Debian which I'm
currently running.  They have a very simple way to remaster a snapshot
of your system built into their control center.  The snapshot tool
creates an .iso file.  There's also a way to exclude files you don't
want added to the snapshot.  You can run the .iso file live (from CD
or DVD).  Then run /usr/local/bin/antixsources.sh from the image and
it will proceed to try to install the snapshot to a drive (install
grub2, etc.).  Tried it out in VirtualBox and it seemed to work fine.
There's also another program that comes with antix that creates a
bootable flash drive image.  Haven't experimented with it.  antix is
based on Debian, so I can still run any of the Debian programs I want.
I also like the fact that they've tried to simplify their init system
and startup scripts and that it works well even on older machines.
I'm seriously considering switching my Linux systems to antix.

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