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RE: [school-discuss] Progress: Approaching 100 Members


It might be useful for future reference to put a few additional pieces of
information for each member, such as when they joined, last updated date
(since I'm sure at some point you won't want to be the only one handling
updates to the database), and probably some idea where they are located
(ie, countrywise).  It might also be useful to add a "category" (ie, some
are schools, some are R&D companies, etc) -- not that this functionality
needs to be added now to the website, but it should be provided for future
enhancement of the site.  Also might be useful to have a tag for "founding
member" (ie, those organizations included on the original annoucement)

Also, I do have a page that consolidates the functionality of the two
separate membership pages into one.  This should work with any browser:

Might be useful to put that on the site, instead of having two separate pages.

If you have any problems, let me know,


Michael Viron
Project Manager / Primary Developer, General Education Online
GEO Schoolforge Representative (Founding Member)

At 06:50 PM 7/3/2002 +0700, you wrote:
>Dear Mr. Mervyn,
>Thanks for working with us; you're one of the many "types" of people with
>right stuff" for helping schools: you know both worlds. I'm sure I speak for
>everyone in saying you're more than welcome here and your help for schools is
>appeciated. We certainly look to you and all the rest of the Schoolforge
>supporters, who far out-number the members, to be in this effort with us. Of
>course, joining a member group is also a good thing, right?