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RE: [school-discuss] Progress: Approaching 100 Members

Thanks, Michael. Good ideas.

Quoting Michael Viron <mviron@findaschool.org>:

> David,
> It might be useful for future reference to put a few additional pieces of
> information for each member, such as when they joined, last updated date
> (since I'm sure at some point you won't want to be the only one handling
> updates to the database), and probably some idea where they are located
> (ie, countrywise).  It might also be useful to add a "category" (ie, some
> are schools, some are R&D companies, etc) -- not that this functionality
> needs to be added now to the website, but it should be provided for future
> enhancement of the site.  Also might be useful to have a tag for "founding
> member" (ie, those organizations included on the original annoucement)
> Also, I do have a page that consolidates the functionality of the two
> separate membership pages into one.  This should work with any browser:
> http://findaschool.org/~mviron/schoolforge/members.php
> Might be useful to put that on the site, instead of having two separate
> pages.
> If you have any problems, let me know,
> Michael
> --
> Michael Viron
> Project Manager / Primary Developer, General Education Online
> GEO Schoolforge Representative (Founding Member)
> At 06:50 PM 7/3/2002 +0700, you wrote:
> >Dear Mr. Mervyn,
> >
> >Thanks for working with us; you're one of the many "types" of people with
> "the
> >right stuff" for helping schools: you know both worlds. I'm sure I speak
> for
> >everyone in saying you're more than welcome here and your help for schools
> is
> >appeciated. We certainly look to you and all the rest of the Schoolforge
> >supporters, who far out-number the members, to be in this effort with us.
> Of
> >course, joining a member group is also a good thing, right?
> >
> >David

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