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Re: [school-discuss] Welcome to Schoolforge! (93?)

Dear David,
thanks for welcoming our school, Vihti senior high in Finland
http://vyl.vihti.fi  :-)!
Sorry to start with bad news :-(. There was an intruder in our system who
sent spam mail to some US addresses. Schools are on their vacation in June
and July in this country, and it often happens that school servers are
cracked and misused for scanning networks or sending spam mails at that
time. In my school, Linux is only used in our web server so far.
Security is a big problem for us, as Linux OS is mostly run by students or
by alumni, and many administrators have more enthusiasm than skills
(including me ;-)). Two years ago our server was cracked the first time, and
we solved the problem by putting off FTP and telnet and changing into SSH.
Now it seems that sendmail was used for spamming purposes. I let you see
what was done by adding one feedback email from SpamCop to this mail.
We had to shutdown our web server for some time now to improve security. We
don't know yet how this intruder came into our system. This causes a lot of
work which we need to do in our vacation now. The intrusion was reported to
the officials in www.cert.fi , and we are going to inform the local police
If you could give me good advice about what is best to do in this situation
to avoid intrusion  in future, I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks in advance,



"A networked teacher is
a multiple teacher..."


Ilpo Halonen
language teacher, M.A.


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