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Re: [school-discuss] the nic

The NIC is pretty cool. It runs from a CD-Rom and provides a pretty
trouble free computing environment. The other cool thing is that NICs
support network booting. Which means that they work very well as K12LTSP
thin-clients. I use one when I do my demonstrations. Just set the CMOS
to boot from the network and they'll boot right up in about 15 seconds
using LTSP.

NICs are used in schools all over the place. Oracle has a program where
they will give your school 30 - 50 NICs. It's called Help US Help.

Many schools are getting these and using them with K12LTSP. 

;-) Paul

On Fri, 2002-07-05 at 06:05, Harish Pillay 9v1hp wrote:
> Hi.  I just came across www.thenicstore.com.  They sell computers at 
> USD 249.99 and is running Linux.  They are targetting the school market 
> as well.  Anyone with any experiences with their products?
> Harish
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