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[school-discuss] Re: Membership Entry Notification

Dear Tim Lloyd,

Welcome to Schoolforge! We look forward to working 
with you to foster free and open resources in 
education around the world. I am writing not only to welcome you but to remind 
you that Schoolforge membership has a few, small, requirements which are meant 
to make our work together more effective. 

First, all members must join the schoolforge-discuss mailing list. To do this, 
go to http://schoolforge.net/sfdiscuss.php and fill out the form. Doug Loss and 
Roger Dingledine will subscribe you to the schoolforge-core mailing list as 
well, a low-volume list for schoolforge member administration issues. 

Secondly, participate on schoolforge-discuss. We are all in this together. 

Third, go to http://www.schoolforge.net/logos and copy a logo of your liking 
choose a gif version from one of the other members' sites) and load it on your 
server. Place it on your site prominently and link it to 
http://www.schoolforge.net. This shows you are really willing to be one of our 

Again, welcome and we look forward to getting to know you on the list. 


David Bucknell 
for Schoolforge 
The international coalition for free and open resources in education 
Quoting Seul/Edu Membership <richl@seul.org>:

> Name: Intrago Ltd
> Url: http://www.intrago.co.uk/products/censornet.php
> Description: We develop CensorNet - an open source project to help monitor
> and control pupil access to the Internet. This software has specifically been
> designed for schools.
> Contact: Tim Lloyd
> Contact email:tim@intrago.co.uk


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