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Re: [school-discuss] Linux in Education mini-conference at LCA2003?

On Wed, 10 Jul 2002 00:16, Harry McGregor wrote:
> Depending on the size of the event, and the availablity of cheap (<$800USD
> round trip, right now it's $1600USD round trip), I might be able to make
> the event.

If the presentation is excellent, LCA may be able to chip in for the tickets. 
Given that Al Quaida is far from expired, I wouldn't be depending on cheaper 
seats. )-:

> Another issue for me is overlapping with LinuxWorld Expo New York City,
> normally at the end of January...

According to the website, the next is in August 2002 at 'Frisco.

> I do some Linux consulting for a company with a field office in Perth
> (company is based in Denver, CO, USA, with a major office here in Tucson,
> Arizona, USA), and I might be able to get them to offset some of the
> expense of me attending.

That would be good. What company, or at least what feild, are you in?

>> I would be very interested in relinquising that
> > second presentation to a genuine teacher. (-:

> What kind of turn out are you expecting, 

No real idea. The main conference is aiming at 350+, split into 3 streams. I'm 
guessing for a well promoted education miniconf, somewhere in the range of 

> I could put together a
> presentation on the future of the desktop in educational environments,
> etc.

With special emphasis on Linux, and some technical background, fabulous idea. 
LCA is primarily a Linux *technical* conference.

Cheers; Leon