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Re: [school-discuss] partial success integrating linux into the localschools

Hi: What a truly remarkable story. I wish this would get to the lwn.net 
list, and on to mainstream media, and delivered personally to each 
elected official in our federal, state and local governments!
Tom Poe
Reno, NV

Jon Adam wrote:
> We are pleased to announce that we have convinced the local high school, 
> to turn one computer lab into an entire Open Source system.  We donated 15 
> PCs and installed Redhat 7.3 on 14 pcs as workstations, and setup the last 
> as a file, print, and mail server for them.  I got an email from the 
> teacher of the class and he said that in 1 month's time now, they have not 
> had to reboot one machine, in the other lab, (window's based) they just 
> had a virus go through and take out the entire districts network, other 
> than our computer lab, and the two elementary schools, in which we have 
> setup linux file servers for them using samba.  So at these two schools, 
> all of the computers that don't use email are fine.
> I got a call this morning from the head of the school board wanting to 
> know what it would cost to switch more machines over.  I told him, 
> "nothing, that is the beauty of Open Source Software."
> Just figured I would share.
> Jon

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