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Re: [school-discuss] partial success integrating linux into thelocalschools

Jon, Thanks for the explanation. It really helped. I should of gotten
into the replacement business :-)

> The KnowHow Network is a network of sites designed to help people with
> their computer related problems.  We are in the process of building a
> massive knowledge database, 290 gigs as of this morning.  

By gigs what exactly do you mean? 

>We are building
> a system that will allow someone to type in a question,i.e "How do I start
> KDE from command Line?" and the system takes their question and searches
> our database and builds a flowchart system to guide them through their
> problem by asking them questions in return. IE" Have you typed startx?"
> and so on and so forth until they find their solution.  

This sounds very powerful.

>If the system
> doesn't help them, then they can post it on our forum, mailing list
> (coming soon) or email support@knowhownet.net and one of the 15 techs I
> have hired will find their answer and email it back to them.  We will do
> all of this for free. 

Would you be interested in placing affero links within the mailing list
(similar to mine below) Reason being,  if a person who received support
wanted to say  thanks by giving a gift, on behalf of You,  Your Techs or 
The KnowHow Network, to .edu projects in Open Source they could do so?
> As far as "We are pleased to announce" I just like to get people's
> attention, but we are very please to announce it.  I hate seeing children
> that do not have the technology to help them learn.  

Me to. I wish I was a bit younger. Technology to me was the AV

>Our local
> superintendent has been fighting us lately.  At the last board meeting he
> said "Technology will never affect a child's ability to get a high quality
> education."  I jumped all over him for that and decided to run for school
> board next year.  BTW, I just turned 21 last weekend, so it always catches
> people off guard.

I wish I could vote for you. 21 huh.....Congratulations! It feels nice
to sit up at the 
bar stool and be legal!

> I didn't set the company up as non-profit though, it is incorporated.  I
> do appreciate your generous offer of adding us to your links though.

Our system is set up so money can flow to corporates as well as non

If you like we can take this off-line. 

Thanks - 


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