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Re: [school-discuss] Computers for Kids

The Computer Recycling Center works with Computers and Education
(http://www.crc.org/) to rebuild old computers and donate them to
schools within the San Francisco Bay Area.  I don't think that they
donate to families, but they have weekly sales with discounted (but
often incomplete) computer systems and miscellaneous hardware.

I don't think that they use Linux (all of the machines I've seen them
donate run Win95 or Win98, although that was a few years ago), but I
could ask them about it (maybe even convince them to switch if they
haven't already).

On Fri, 2002-07-26 at 12:11, Jon Adam wrote:
> I am thinking about starting a non profit agency (501) status that will 
> accept donated computers from firms and individuals, and rebuild them and 
> give them to children and schools that are without computers.  I thought I 
> would look for feedback from the list on this.  Does anyone know of anyone 
> that is doing such a thing?  What are your ideas?
> Thanks Much
> Jon
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