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[school-discuss] Linux Access in State and Local Government, Part III

Sorry if you've already seen this:


"A look at the success of Linux in schools, and how it should constitute the model for state and local government.

K12 Linux <http://www.k12linux.org/> may be the mecca of open-source success. As school districts represent a part of state and local government, one has to wonder how their many case studies are practically unknown. As other sectors of state and local governments struggle with budget deficits, political pressure and uncertainty, Linux school projects represent tangible progress and offer empirical evidence of success.

If one wanted to find information about the use of Linux in state government, where would one go? The first thought would be an Internet search engine. Any combination of search terms for state government, though, return a chaotic mess.

If one wants to find information about Linux in schools, a search engine would take you to cyber foundries such as SchoolForge <http://schoolforge.net/index.php>. Once there, you would find the information, tools and materials necessary to forge or make a school and all its parts. If such sites existed for government, we could see more tangible progress and empirical evidence of success for the entire Open Source community."


Yishay Mor
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