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[school-discuss] summer workshop in the Alps

Here enclosed the summer workshop preliminary programme, to be held 
lask week in july in the alps. 
I would appreciate your help to circulate the announcement. 

Of course, I hope some of you will be able to attend the meeting, at
least for one day, thus enjoying the opportunity to freely discuss about
open source future directions in education in a peaceful environment.
Although target are teachers and scholars on didactics and ICT, topics
will be of interest to a broader audience. 
It can be considered as an AICA/Schoolforge event. 

The workshop subject is open source from educators perspective, wherefrom
texts, pictures, audio recordings, and so on, are the main tools rather
than software. 
Strictly speaking about software, the rather unexplored area of the power
to control software development directions will be considered.

Your comments a very welcome. 

A leader speaker on 'open content licenses' is still messing. Please let 
me know your suggestions. 

Thank you 

Paolo Pumilia

-- enc. --

e explor -  Summer Workshop 
july 28th - august 1st 2003

open source in education - Summer Workshop      

AICA OpenSource Working Grouphttp://linfe.it  

The workshop focuses on open source concept as commons based peer
production in the digital age, where user licenses and open formats are
the key ingredients of new methodologies.

First of all, open content licenses allow to protect authorship without
hampering free modification of knowledge products by whoever; moreover
paying attention to open standards whan saving informations provides
the necessary condition to spread environments in which composition of
customized 'schoolbook chapters' and class multimedia objects out of the
huge knowledge store accessible through the internet be feasible and

Finally user-teacher control over software development mid-term
directions has the power to be much more effective with open source than
with current closed technologies. 

How didactics might be affected by the adoption of such methods for
knowledge generation and distribution?

 * Where: Centro Studi Val d'Ossola, Via Rosmini, 24, 
   I-28037 Domodossola (Verbania) - italy 

 * Cost: E 50 ( 28/7 - 1/8) + hotel reservation if required

 * Info & reservation: http://linfe.it/events/summer-workshop-jul03

Call for contribution
   - please write to challenges@linfe.it

Official languages: english and italian 

-- Preliminary programme 0.5.4

   28jul    Designing and using tools for education
            Leaders: Mario Fierli - Roma 3 Univ., 
                     Sandra Frommeyer, Bremen Univ.       

   29jul    CampusSource Europe    
            Proposoal of a pan-european open source eLearning platform 
            Leaders: Marco Ronchetti - Trento Univ.      

   30jul    LearningFolders  "open source" movement in educational 
            publishing and online support     
            Leaders: Mihkel Pilv, MIKSIKE - Tartu (Estonia), 
            Giuseppe Fortunati (Ego-creanet Telematic Network) - Firenze  

   31jul    Licences, formats, eBooks   
            Leaders: Gino Roncaglia, Istituto di Scienze umane - Tuscia Univ.   

   01 aug   Drinving technology development - R&D network   
            Leaders: Giovanni MarcianÚ (Dir. Gen. Reg. Piemonte), 
                     Paolo Pumilia (AICA)     
                     Contribution: Andrea Centomo: DrGeo 

Piazzale Rodolfo Morandi, 2   I-20121 Milano
tel. +39 02 784970 /  02 76014082 - fax. +39 02    76015717 
e-mail: segreteria@aicanet.it