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Re: [school-discuss] Free-Open Baccalaureate Idea

On Sat, 2003-07-05 at 15:46, David Bucknell wrote:
> This is a proposal for another Schoolforge project. I take the idea that we are
> "forging" a school as my inspiration, and so I am interested in the creation of
> all of its parts. 

Funnily enough I was just thinking last night that a Wiki project to
design lessons would be a good idea. I have several schools that have
shown an interest in web based lessons for use with a data projector for
whole class teaching. Some of them have also shown willingness to put
some money into development. I think the international dimension is an
issue though. We have a national curriculum here and nationally
recommended schemes of work. While say science is science so the content
will be the same, its organisation and presentation will be different
for different countries and different age groups.

I have another embryonic project to build a free software language
laboratory in a school over here so if there is interest in a focussed
subject area to start this might be appropriate. Again the school has a
small amount fo grant funding to put towards this.  

As for the IB. Again a good idea but a very big task. theINGOTs.org
project is designed to fill an accreditation gap and generate an income
stream to finance free software development. I have a lot of interest
but its a big effort to get it going. I have commitment to get around
10,000 children certificated next year. Also has the advantage that I
can build in a requirement that children have some understanding of the
free software issues to get their certificates.

ian <ian.lynch2@ntlworld.com>