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[school-discuss] Dr. Geo release 0.9.6

Dr. Geo 0.9.6


Dr. Geo is a GTK interactive geometry software. It allows one 
to create geometric figure plus the interactive manipulation 
of such figure in respect with their geometric constraints. It
 is useable with students from primary or secondary level.

Enhancements & Fixes

* Implement the Printing Area Tool: it is used to instruct DrGeo which area 
should be used when exporting to EPS and LaTeX. When defined the Printing Area 
is saved a long with the geometric figure. This feature is required to make a 
TeXmacs plug-in (to come in a next release).

* In numeric::update(), cache the numericPrecision value instead of fetching it 
from the configuration file, this speed up the rendering.

* Vertical and horizontal adjustment are correctly set when loading a figure.

Beware, old config file ~/.drgeo from release <= 0.9.4 should be deleted
otherwise Dr.Geo may crash at startup. This problem will be fixed in next 

Hilaire Fernandes

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