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[school-discuss] Feedback about Adapting OpenAdmin for K-12 (fwd)

Hi All,

I need more feedback on Open Admin requirements for student demographic
fields as well as "subject" table fields. More below:

I'm in the middle of restructuring some of the tables in Open Admin for a
1.0 release. I'm adding fields to the subject table and was wondering if
you have any ideas about additional requirements.

Currently I'm adding a section field for multiple sections of the same
subject and a "subjsec" field which is a concatenation of subject field
and section field to create a unique identifier for that particular group
of students taught that subject by that teacher. This is required for both
subject based attendance and the gradebook. I'm working on the subject
attendance now and the gradebook is next.

I'm also adding the following fields to the student demographic table:

1) AliasID - a short alphanumeric field used for entering attendance.
Currently we use a 5 digit student number due to the fact that we need
unique student numbers within the divisions I work for. Both of these
divisions have 7-8 schools running OA. The Alias could be two or three
characters and would be changed yearly. (which the student number
wouldn't) An automated tool would generate the alias.

2) Contact - A field with the main contact name for doing snail mail to
parents (ie. Mr. and Mrs. Barney Rubble or Fred and Wilma Flintstone or
Parents of Sandra Smith) Useful when mailing out letters home.

3) Pic - a field indicating the presence of a student picture. This will
aid the addition of student pictures to OA.

4) Family - a code to link students into family groupings. Needed for
parent teacher interview scheduling.

I would like some ideas for other required or useful fields if you can
think of some for student demographic use. (as well as the subject table,
as mentioned above).

Les Richardson
H. Hardcastle School