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Re: [school-discuss] Free-Open Baccalaureate Idea

Yishay Mor wrote
> > 
> > Also,  I suggest we try to interest some academic partners (I know a 
> > few). They can bring expertise, funding and publicity.
> > But we should probably have some prototype to show first.
David wrote
> Fantastic. Ian brought up the problem of the UK's national curriculum aleady. I
> think that's all the more reason to allow folks to start on a core of courses
> (i.e. units, lessons, texts, other) for particular age-groups/spans,
> developmental levels -- written broadly so they'd be easy to adapt to a
> particular country or locality's private standards. Not easy, but I think worth
> doing as it would create something with which a willing teacher could take and run.

Thinking about this, if the Bac is basically a school leaving University
entrance type accreditation it might be possible to accredit other
people's qualifications on a sort of points system. I did some work at
the London Institute of Education about 10 years ago on a Technological
Baccalaureate and allowing this type of thing was a way of shortcutting
the process of writing everything from scratch. There are a whole range
of qualifications here but Level 3 defines those associated with
university entrance. Normally 3 A level subjects eg maths, Physics,
Chemistry (Most people think this is too narrow) AVCE (Advanced
vocational Certificate in Education) etc. If we could get lists of other
qualifications recognised in other countries we could look toward
putting a frame work together that provided a coherent baseline of
breadth with certain elements of specialisation. The government here is
looking now at a bac system for Post 16. Perhaps an opportunity?

ian <ian.lynch2@ntlworld.com>