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Re: [school-discuss] Free-Open Baccalaureate Idea

Oh dear, we're not going to have a religious war here, are we? Ant vs. make, perl vs. Java, Zope vs. JBoss, please - tell me this is not going to happen here!
This is starting to feel too much like alt-computers-languages.. ;-)

*I* happen to use Ant, I like the way it works, I like the syntax (yes, better than Target: dependency). That's just me, for what it's worth. But let's be honest: there was only one makefile written ever, and there was only one ant build.xml, the rest is just cut & paste.

I agree with Massimiliano. We all share the vice of getting emotionally attached to stuff we've written, be it code or text. IMHO, that's one of the good things about Wiki-s: they make your text transient.

Anyway, enough entertainment. "start now!"


- Yishay

David Bucknell wrote:

What's the point? That no one uses ant?

I love this: "Start small, start easy, and
above all start now.''


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