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[school-discuss] 'Open Source in Education' conference 2: Bridging the Digital Divide

To start sorry for any duplication with other lists but,

After the success of the first conference (the post-conference CDROM should be appearing on the cover of Linux User and Developer soon), we here at mPowerNet are keen to keep the momentum and so are planning the next one for the 16th or 17th October 2003 which will explore how Open Source solutions can help to:

    * Bridge the digital divide using low cost technology
    * Minimise hardware and software upgrades
    * Encourage social inclusion
    * Reduce environmental costs and impacts
    * Share resources: share knowledge: support learning

The focus of the day will be wider with different strands specifically covering pedagogy, technical issues, case studies and managing change.

We are looking for speakers, exhibitors and delegates for the conference which will be held in Birmingham, UK. If you would like to be involved or have any input or feedback on the conference topics please let me know as soon as possible so I can finalise the date with the venue. If you know others who might also be interested drop me a line too.

James Spedding
Anglia Polytechnic University.