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Re: [school-discuss] 'Open Source in Education' conference 2: Bridging the Digital Divide

Dear JaQuoting James Spedding <james.spedding@rdiu.anglia.ac.uk>:

> To start sorry for any duplication with other lists but,
> After the success of the first conference (the post-conference CDROM should
> be appearing on the cover of Linux User and Developer soon), we here at
> mPowerNet are keen to keep the momentum and so are planning the next one for
> the 16th or 17th October 2003 which will explore how Open Source solutions
> can help to:
>     * Bridge the digital divide using low cost technology
>     * Minimise hardware and software upgrades
>     * Encourage social inclusion
>     * Reduce environmental costs and impacts
>     * Share resources: share knowledge: support learning
> The focus of the day will be wider with different strands specifically
> covering pedagogy, technical issues, case studies and managing change.
> We are looking for speakers, exhibitors and delegates for the conference
> which will be held in Birmingham, UK. If you would like to be involved or
> have any input or feedback on the conference topics please let me know as
> soon as possible so I can finalise the date with the venue. If you know
> others who might also be interested drop me a line too.
> James Spedding
> mPowerNet
> Anglia Polytechnic University.

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