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[school-discuss] DNSCon6


This is an open appeal to anyone who wishes to attend or speak at DNSCon

If you would like to give a talk on anything computer security related,
datanetsec@aol.com as well as visiting the DNS website.

I know it's bad timing (it co-incides with the start of the
Premiership!), the event is the weekend of the 16th August in Sunny
Blackpool. It will be a really good fun event. I'll be there, as will
quite a lot of others.

If you give a talk, you get in free. If you just want to attend, it's 15
UKP with any profit going to charity, so either way, you can't lose ;-)


One OS to fool them all
One browser to find them
One email client to bring them all
And through security holes, blind them...