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[school-discuss] Re: Karoshi, anyone? -> gradebook

Hi Lee,

Would it help if I made the Open Admin gradebook able to run separately from the rest of the Open Admin structure, so that teachers could run/configure their own gradebooks? This, of course, is a web based gradebook. Additionally, make it a .deb package...

Les Richardson Open Admin for Schools

On Tue, 4 Jul 2006, lee wrote:

What I found was there's a social inertia that pulls the users back to Windows, esp. in the *lower* grades where the users want Windows-only titles like the *-Blaster series, etc. If one could get most Windows edu & gradebook software titles to run on WINE, then that'd be ideal.... OTOH at places like 5dollarsoftware.com, they can get these computer games for $5 per copy, so IT mgm't may be more willing to bear the MS license mgm't overhead on more-recent machines that run Win2K or XP.