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Re: [school-discuss] Re: Karoshi, anyone? -> gradebook


We left all the Win admin/grading/attendence software on their teacher PCs, still WinXP machines, but I'm hopeful that in the long run, when the district sees how much money it can save and how reliably Linux thin clients work, they'll convert to FOSS for the admin software as well and give the teachers thin clients to replace their PCs. I think for admin functions, you have to convince the IT folks to do it, then the teachers are just told "here's the new system we're using." Nonetheless, I'm going to try next year to get the special needs teachers to try out the IEP app in OpenAdmin, they've been complaining about how difficult the Win IEP app they have now is to use.

The IEP system (which is only loosely coupled to the rest of OA) is being updated this summer with improved objective rubrics and service tracking for the UFT Charter school(s). Let me know if you have any problems with installation, etc.

Les R.