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Re: [school-discuss] Re: Karoshi, anyone? -> gradebook

Open Admin is at:  http://richtech.ca/openadmin

There are links from there to the demo sites, one of which is the IEP site.


On Fri, 7 Jul 2006, lee wrote:

Les Richardson <les@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:The IEP system (which is only loosely coupled to the rest of OA) is being updated this summer with improved objective rubrics and service tracking for the UFT Charter school(s). Let me know if you have any problems with installation, etc.

Les R.

What is the URL for the IEP & OA systems?

This is all great stuff to know, I'm finding I have to readjust my thinking to different  scenarios covered in these discussions... i.e. my old notions of WINE's compatibility DB was overly conservative  (the whole Mac-tel wave may help...). I noticed that WINE's come a long way since the last time I looked...

Another appeal of FOSS servers, clients and desktops is the opportunity to roll cost savings into other projects, etc. Whether it's a fleet of Win98 boat anchors given new life as LTSP thinclients or a Linux server that eliminates CAL overheads, mgm't can redirect the associated savings in ways they find most useful, whether it be funding further FOSS initiatives, buying newer machines or software, and so on.


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