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Re: [school-discuss] Passing of the torch

Thanks Mr. Loss!


On 6/27/06, Doug Loss <drloss@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It's finally come.  As many of you know, I helped start and manage
SEUL/edu and later Schoolforge.  I like to think both organizations had
some beneficial influence on the use of free/open source software in
education around the world.

After some years though, I essentially burned out.  I backed off and let
the day to day operations of Schoolforge run on autopilot.  The current
website shows this, I think.  I kept looking for someone to take over
the management of Schoolforge.

Well, I've found someone.  Someones, actually.  Justin Riddiough and
Tyson Gray have agreed to take on the awesome responsibility. :)  I'm
sure they'll do a better job than I did.  They have some very
interesting and I think exciting plans.  I'll let them tell you about
those themselves.

I'm going to be sure they both have the authorizations they need to get
things running as they wish (Roger, could you see about that please?
Thanks!).  After that I expect they'll take Schoolforge to new heights!

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