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RE: [school-discuss] Shockwave player

> Crossover Office from CodeWeavers allows the Windows Shockwave plugin
to work with > Linux Firefox.  I think that's your only option for the
> Doug Loss

From: http://macromedia.mplug.org/faq.html

4. I need Shockwave!
   Shockwave is a separate plug-in often used for some web page games. 
   The only way to use Shockwave plug-in within Linux is with 
   Code Weavers Crossover Plug-in.  Crossover Plug-in runs many Windows 
   browser plug-ins in Linux fairly well, and at very low cost.

Doug is right.  For the time being, Crossover is the only way.  However,
as Gnash matures, it should be a viable, open source and GPL'd solution.

Andrew Healey