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Re: [school-discuss] Shockwave player

Healey, Andrew (Redmond - Space) ha scritto:
> [...]
> The GNU Project is developing Gnash,
> a FLOSS and GPL'd flash player.
> [...]

Keep in mind that "flash" technologies are quite different from
"shockwave" ones. The "proprietary" flash-player and the FLOSS one,
GNASH, are able to manage "flash" object.

Up to now, as correctly reported by you and Doug, Shockwave player are
only being developed by Macromedia (Adobe) and there are no plan to port
it to linux.

Crossover is a Linux "proprietary"/"commercial" product being able to
run (some) windows software and, between such set, you find the windows
shockware player.


Damiano Verzulli
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